Driving laws restrict learner drivers from using motorways, so once you’ve passed your test, you might want to consider some additional motorway training to build your confidence.


I offer Motorway Lessons over a 3 hour period which will take you on the M23 & M25 to help you gain that extra experience and confidence that you need. Motorway Lessons cover the following techniques:

  • Joining & leaving a motorway

    When joining from a slip road or acceleration lane you’ll learn how to use good observations to assess the traffic when emerging, and looking well ahead for signs when leaving the motorway.

  • Forward planning & observation

    We’ll cover reacting to others when joining & leaving, keeping good lane discipline and safe lane changing and using a safe separation distance. I will also help you assess road signs and markings in advance, and being aware of faster & slower moving traffic.

  • Overtaking

    When overtaking is it safe & necessary to do so?

    Using the MPSL/MSM routine when overtaking and use effective observations of other road users in other lanes.

  • Breakdowns & safety procedure

    Planning your journey & dealing with fatigue; using the hard shoulder and the dangers of being there.

    Prices for motorway lessons are £120 for a 3hr lesson using my teaching vehicle.